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Wrangle Reporters have decided to write about people and events at Wrangle Primary School. We will be looking at how our local newspapers report on news events, sport, entertainment, fashion, and other items we may find. Some of our articles will reflect local and national news that has been highlighted in the media, including radio and T.V. The Editor and some roving reporters will be going out and about in the area in order to obtain first hand information about our environment.

EDITOR'S NOTE Please email wranglereporters@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or comments. Some of these may be published!

Editor: Jeannette Ellwood

Our Team of Reporters for 2012 is:
Zak, Helena, Georgia, Bethan, Arron and Sophy

P.S.I take full responsibilty for any typos! Just let me know if you spot one and I will send you the Editor's Special Secret Award...

After very busy Christmas activities and a break during the first half of our Spring Term Wrangle Reporters are back to work with writing, reporting and and film making.

Our current projects include filming footage for a DVD about our school, observing nature at Freiston Shore RSPB site, and preparing Art for a continuation of an School exhibition at Giles Academy Art Gallery in nearby Boston.

Future Projects

We are planning a visit to BBC Lincolnshire studios in Lincoln as a followup to Scott Dalton's visit to our school. We are currently arranging poetry sessions with our local poet Annette Burrell and are already looking forward to an Easter visit to the Old Pottery where no doubt a quantity of Sophy's famous cupcakes will be consumed...not to mention the publication of our Writing Rocks story competition results.

Jack Greene Tudor Time Traveller

Jack Greene Tudor Time Traveller
Our intrepid Bethan with the dried frogs!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Breaking News

Read the Standard this week - Giles Gallery, in Boston has won an award! Congratulations!  Wrangle School's contributions can be seen among the gorgeous squares of the Boston Quilt Project.  

They will also be exhibiting a few examples of art done in Wrangle Primary School  from Staurday 3rd December until the end of the month. They don't know yet whose work will be included but the standard is high so it will look pretty good.
If you are a parent it might be worth while to visit the Gallery and see if your child's work is on show... all visitors are welcome.

Congratulations to the children of Wrangle School

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Horrible Histories in Wrangle -Tudor Time Traveller - Jack Greene

Jack Greene, a notable expert on the Tudor King of England and his times visited Wrangle School on the 15th November. He made a great impact on our Wrangle Reporters, here are some of their thoughts and impressions...

'Jack had a lot of historic artifacts, my favourite was the musket.  It was huge and loud. He also brought a longbow and three arrows. Two were sharp and these could kill you, one was blunt but it would definitely still hurt you.' Bethan went on to describe how a pig was killed and how the lady of the house would collect the blood to use with herbs and spices. 'Jack was very rude, he told us a Tudor swear word. It was 'God's bones'!
Zak's account tells of the sinking of the Mary Rose which happened during the war against the spanish ships (The Armada). He goes on to report that ...'Jack allowed us to dress up in many tudor clothes, including a bird scarer boy, a soldier, the Earl of Lincoln and his Countess. thieves, docotors and many more!...We ended the day playing Tudor games like stick wrestling and foot wrestling.'
Georgia was most taken with some of the medicines in use during that time. ...'Jack passed round all sorts of medicines like dried frogs, and  dried mouse, a pickled scorpion.  The best part of the day was when Jack used the longbow and shot an arrow 11 feet from where we all stood.
Arron told us more about the medical techniques used, including the effective use of leeches. Jack brought a jar full of live ones... 'When they saw us they tried to get out (hungry perhaps?) and it was peculiar when they started stretching out. They used the leeches to take your headache away because it sucks your bad blood away. If you had a sore throat you had to find a spider and put butter on it to help it slip down (your throat)... ' he ended his report with...'To make your cough go away you find some rats and cook them and after that squeeze their blood and guts and eat them. We saw dried up frog and dried up flesh...the medicines smelt like they've been in a sewer for fifty years!'

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Scott Dalton

The tables were turned on Mr Dalton as our WrangleSchool Reporters interviewed him for our School Blog when he visited Wrangle School on Monday last.  He told the children that he started reporting with the Boston Standard when he was on work experience with them.   He  then spent a short time with the Target and was eventually offered a job with BBC Radio Lincolnshire. In answer to Zak's question 'What is it like to be a broadcaster?' he replied
'I've been doing this job for 11 years, and I really enjoy it.' He said after being nervous to start with it only took him a few seconds to get used to the microphone. Arron and Sophy both asked him if he went to lots of small villages like this.
'Oh yes' he replied, 'My job takes me to lots of small villages all over Lincolnshire. We live in a very rural county.'
As BBC radio Lincolnshire came to school because Wrangle had been chosen as one of the places the 2012 Olympic torch will pass through Georgia wanted to know if Scott had been to an Olympic event before.
'No I haven't although I did visit the London site just as it was being built.' Georgia thought he was very kind and noticed he carried a microphone which said radio Lincolnshire written in a triangle.
Bethan was interested in the sort of interviews he usually did and asked him if he had ever been to a really bad incident. He replied that he had been to many family problems in his time. Helena wanted to know if he had ever been really nervous.
His answer to that question was 'Yes, especially when I first started with the BBC.'

Question time for Scott ended with one from Bethan who put in a special request for a song dedicated to Wrangle School.
'We would like the tune for the Final Countdown!' she said.
Everyone decided they would love to visit the BBC studio in Lincoln, to see Scotts workplace.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Carrying the Olympic Torch 2012 in Wrangle

Well along the A52 anyway.

On June 27th the Olympic Torch will pass Wrangle School Gates on its way to the Olympic Games in London.
Today Wrangle School Children had a taste of fame as they were interviewed by Scott Dalton from BBC Radio Lincolnshire and broadcast LIVE at 10.20 am today.

Wrangle Reporters turned the tables on Mr Dalton as they interviewed him (for a change!). Read all about it on Wrangle Reporters blog as they post their reports on Wednesday 9th of November.

It's almost as exciting as Guy Fawkes night!

Editor's note:

Melanie Marshall, our very own olympic champion, learned to swim in Wrangle School Pool.
How's that for a bit of local history - perhaps we should have a plaque on one of the doors to our new dressing rooms. Would you come and unveil it Mel?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Writing Rocks

It certainly does. We have over 250 entries for our competition. Some were very exciting reading!
We are in the process of judging ready to send off to Editor Tim Atkinson for him to choose the final winners.
 Will you be in our book??
                                                                Watch this space!


An after half term Special - from our Sports Reporters

Tag-Rugby Tournament by Zak and Arron

The Tag-Rugby Tournament took place at the Princess Royal sports Arena in Boston.
As we arrived we saw there were lots of schools there, we started with a quick warm up, after that we were given our fixtures sheet.
We were told to go to the pitch and we played Wyberton Primary School we ended up with a 1-1 draw.   Our next match was against Hawthorn Tree Primary School sadly we lost 3-0 as we were upset we also lost the next game against Sibsey it wasnt getting any better we also lost against New York Primary
We luckily got to the semi final, we were ready to get to the final and we did we won the match 3-2 but one of our players went to try and grab the tag and ended up getting his trouser leg and his trousers ripped.  We played Wyberton again, all of us were so excited that we won the match and the Silver Plate.
When we got back to school and walked into the classroom we acted so miserable. All of a sudden we screamed "WE WON!" Zak Rivers and Luke Sanger gave Mrs Jackson a huge hug.