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Wrangle Reporters have decided to write about people and events at Wrangle Primary School. We will be looking at how our local newspapers report on news events, sport, entertainment, fashion, and other items we may find. Some of our articles will reflect local and national news that has been highlighted in the media, including radio and T.V. The Editor and some roving reporters will be going out and about in the area in order to obtain first hand information about our environment.

EDITOR'S NOTE Please email wranglereporters@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or comments. Some of these may be published!

Editor: Jeannette Ellwood

Our Team of Reporters for 2012 is:
Zak, Helena, Georgia, Bethan, Arron and Sophy

P.S.I take full responsibilty for any typos! Just let me know if you spot one and I will send you the Editor's Special Secret Award...

After very busy Christmas activities and a break during the first half of our Spring Term Wrangle Reporters are back to work with writing, reporting and and film making.

Our current projects include filming footage for a DVD about our school, observing nature at Freiston Shore RSPB site, and preparing Art for a continuation of an School exhibition at Giles Academy Art Gallery in nearby Boston.

Future Projects

We are planning a visit to BBC Lincolnshire studios in Lincoln as a followup to Scott Dalton's visit to our school. We are currently arranging poetry sessions with our local poet Annette Burrell and are already looking forward to an Easter visit to the Old Pottery where no doubt a quantity of Sophy's famous cupcakes will be consumed...not to mention the publication of our Writing Rocks story competition results.

Jack Greene Tudor Time Traveller

Jack Greene Tudor Time Traveller
Our intrepid Bethan with the dried frogs!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Police report
6 - 4 -11

Last week three policemen visited our School on huge police bikes. After all the classes had been outside and sat on the bikes, the police officers came inside so we could interview them. We asked them many questions:

1.     Why were the bikes so bright?
For protection, so people could see us at night
2.     How fast can the bikes go?
Over 100 mph!!
3.     Why do they use bikes and not cars?
So we can weave past the cars at high speeds
4.     What do they do when they are off duty?
A mixture between swimming, riding bikes, playing music and even singing in a band.

The police officers came in full uniform and even showed us their police equipment that they carry around with them. They had a baton, Cs gas and handcuffs all attached to their boots, clipped on to their jacket they had their radio, so that when they are on their bike they do not have to let go!

We thank them very much for coming, the three officers were called Pc Wing, Pc Hook and Sgt Carlin.

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